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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

We are all facing many challenges right now, and for many people, staying strong has become increasingly difficult with gyms being closed, at limited capacity, or maybe truly unsafe.

If you are currently exercising at home or have thought about exercising from home, have you ever considered “Blood Flow Restriction” Training (BFRT)?

You may be asking yourself, what on earth is BFRT?Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

BFRT is a tool used within the rehab and sports worlds to complement the benefits of strength training. Using pressure cuffs, we can restrict blood flow to exercising muscles to trick your brain into thinking you’re working very hard. By doing this, you can perform simple low weight or bodyweight exercises and still achieve strength-training results as if you were lifting heavy weights at the gym.

Benefits of BFRT include:

  •  Increased bone mass density
    •    Muscle hypertrophy (growth)
    •    Increased strength
    •    Improved mood
    •    Improved cardiovascular endurance
    •    Promotes healing

If you’re interested in trying BFRT or have questions about it, please give our office a call at 303-409-2133.