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Exercise in today's world

Exercise in today’s world 

Laurie Bertsche

How do you stay fit and strong when your gym is closed, and many parks have temporarily blocked access to your favorite trail? You may not feel safe walking around your neighborhood or comfortable using online meeting apps to workout with your friends. There are other scenarios in which you may not be able to access your traditional forms of exercise and yet you want to workout. What can you do? 

Personal experience, as well as research, shows regular exercise can help you through challenging times by keeping you strong, promoting better sleep, as well as being a part of your stress management plan. You can find numerous online programs to help maintain your regular routine until you can get back to your gym or your trails again, but how do you pick from the overwhelming number of videos and apps available?  

Here are several links to articles or websites which have done the work for you, listing a variety of online exercise classes, apps, and videos. Many of these classes are free though some require monthly or yearly fees, but even some of those have a free trial period. One of the links is to a specific exercise website with a variety of types of classes for beginners, those with mobility difficulties, and older adults. 

We have tried to find links which have varied experiences from HIIT and cardio classes using body weight resistance to light weights, yoga, Pilates, and exercises for those of us 50 and over. When you hover over the phrase highlighted, follow the instructions to connect to the link of articles listing apps and online classes.  

As always if you have never tried these types of classes, have physical difficulties which limit your ability to perform exercises as described, have health conditions which may limit what type of activity you can perform, or are unsure which type of class may be the best fit for you, contact your primary care provider, physical therapist or other preferred healthcare provider to help you decide. 

Another option for a gentle workout routine is checking into our Fyzical Therapy and Balance center’s Facebook Live TaiChi class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:10pm. 

This is simply a place to begin helping yourself stay strong, flexible, and healthy through these challenging times. If you have found particular apps, classes, or videos you enjoy, please comment with any suggestions. We would love to hear what works for you!