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   A professional bike fit can maximize cycling performance, minimize injuries and increase comfort while riding. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and former competitive cyclist, Annalisa brings an added level of expertise to the fit process. Her knowledge of sports performance and biomechanics will enhance your efficiency and power transfer on the bike while helping keep you injury free. 

   If you’ve had a bike fit in the past and are noticing new or returning discomfort, it may be time to check in and update your fit. Bodies change, seatposts slip, and saddles and cleats wear out. All of these are good reasons to refresh your bike fit. Or maybe you bought a new bike and it’s time to get fit. Whether you are a commuter or a professional cyclist, everybody deserves a bike fit!


   Depending on the level of fit you choose, a bike fit begins with a thorough biomechanical evaluation to address any impairments or functional limitations that may limit your ability to ride. A home exercise plan may be included as part of your journey to riding at your potential.

   Following the physical assessment, we will observe your current fit and riding style and begin the analysis process of the fit.  Starting with the cleat-pedal interface we will work up the kinetic chain, always keeping perspective on the fit as a whole. We will look at how your pelvis interacts with the saddle as this interaction is the foundation of your bike fit. Video analysis allows us to measure dynamic cycling posture and form, as well as giving the rider visual feedback. 

   What to bring:

  • Bike, Cycling attire/clothing, cycling shoes. Please make sure your cleats are clean and relatively new or bring a new pair of cleats for the fitting.
  • Expect to pedal up to an effort of 6-7/10 for a short period. 
  • Trainer compatibility: everything but superboost rear dropouts on PIVOT brand Mountain Bikes. 
  • If you have a saddle you are considering, please bring it to your appointment. 

Annalisa holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Washington and has trained with the Retul and BikeFit® systems. 

Level 1 - $150: 1 hour fitting. The quick fit.  Minor changes to saddle height, fore/aft, cleat position or a fit transfer (you’ve already been fitted to one bike and want to apply the fit to another, similar bike) 

Level 2 - $275: 2 hour fitting. Thorough bike fit using motion capture. Appointment structure can vary depending on your needs/goals. May also include a physical assessment off the bike to identify body impairments that may be hindering on-bike performance. Follow up is not included in this fit. 

Level 3 - $350: 2 hour initial fitting + follow-up session in first 90 days. This fit includes an off the bike physical assessment by a physical therapist to identify body limitations that may be hindering on-bike performance. You will receive a home exercise program to enhance your riding experience based on your specific needs. Thorough bike fit using motion capture, cleat adjustment, pedaling technique and postural coaching. This is our most comprehensive level of fit.

Insurance Fits: For new patients you must do an evaluation on a separate day to establish medical necessity. Evaluation can be 1hr and bike fit 1hr (separate days).  

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