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Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Plagued by injuries or want to improve your running form? Get a gait analysis at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center

What is a Gait Analysis
IMG_7963 (1024x683)To put it simply, a gait analysis is a way to evaluate your walking or running mechanics.  Gait analysis involves taking video clips of a patient walking or running on a treadmill.  Clips are taken from the front, rear, and side, the therapist may then manipulate to clips by slowing down the speed, freezing frames, or taking measurements to look for asymmetrical movements, abnormal movement patterns, and/or abnormal motions.  The gait analysis provides information which can be used to diagnose, aid in intervention, and visual feedback for training.

What are the Benefits of Gait Analysis
Running velocity and kinematics are often quicker than the eye can see.  Video allows the therapist to take a clip, slow down the speed to freeze frames and take measurements of various lower extremity angles.  The feedback is instant therefore if the therapist would provide an intervention, the videos can compare and contrast to determine if an intervention is effective.  Also, the feedback can be beneficial for retraining and/or correcting form to prevent future injury.

Who can Benefit from Gait Analysis
Gait analysis can be beneficial for injured runners or walkers as part of a physical therapy evaluation or when a patient is ready to return to either walking or running.  Healthy walkers and runners can also benefit from a gait analysis to provide information on a current injury, for injury prevention, and to improve performance.