Aquatic Therapy in Chicago, IL

FYZICAL Chicago offers one of the only aquatic therapy facilities in the Chicago area. The Aquatic Therapy Center at FYZICAL Chicago features a Swimex 600T pool heated to approximately ninety degrees, generating water resistance over 6 MPH to help with your therapy program.

FYZICAL Chicago also offers therapeutic exercise equipment, designed specifically for working out in the water. During aquatic therapy, patients are supervised by their PT during the 1-on-1 session.

The aquatic center offers a private changing room, shower and towel service. The FYZICAL Chicago team has extensive training and knowledge of Aquatic Physical Therapy, working with it for almost 20 years. There are therapy programs for almost any problem you may have with your muscles and/or joints.

Aquatic Physical Therapy provides an effective and safe therapy environment for strength rehabilitation. Improving your walking without a limp following ankle, knee or hip injures becomes much easier. The water provides a resistance, while buoyancy and relative weightlessness add to safety. Patient regain a higher level of strength, confidence, and flexibility with aquatic therapy, which leads to more successful outcomes. There are no swimming skills needed in order to use the aquatics physical therapy program.

Patients are seen 2-3x per week in the pool for approximately 30-60 minutes per session. You will be treated in a one-on-one fashion. Aquatic Therapy can be utilized for almost any part of the body, especially low back, hips, knees, shoulders, and even cervical.

The buoyancy from the pool unweights the joint surfaces. Aquatic Physical Therapy allows patients to exercise in the water when they are unable to exercise on land. Many patients at FYZICAL Chicago have stated that the pool was the main reason for recovering fully. Most every patient says they would like to take the pool home with them!

If you would like to see the aquatic therapy pool at FYZICAL Chicago, visit:


6921 W. Archer Ave.
Chicago, IL 60638

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