Bal Harbour Physical Therapy Training Tool - CoreAlign

At Fyzical Bal Harbour, a Pilates Apparatus called the CoreAlignTM is used to work with our patients in more upright/functional posture(s). The CoreAlign also allows our physical therapists to challenge each individual three-dimensionally when they are ready to do so.

The CoreAlign emphasizes an upright posture, and is designed to improve balance, posture, and functional movement. This piece of equipment was developed by a physical therapist and is used to facilitate musculoskeletal rehabilitation by stimulating core stability muscles. The CoreAlign is extraordinarily versatile, with over hundreds of functional movement exercises. While the primary focus is performing the CoreAlign exercises with deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training, it is also great for enhancing your body's performance enhancement in an everday exercise regimen for a healthy lifestyle.

The CoreAlign has support systems (a ladder, handles) built into the device for an added sense of security when learning an exercise for the first time. This can be comforting while the patient improves. As the individual advances, the hand holds can be removed to present a bigger challenge. At Fyzical Bal Harbour, the Core Align is used for the entire body. If an individual comes in for a month of therapy, it is entirely possible to start using the device from day one depending on the your need(s). Fyzical welcomes "walk-ins" for folks inquiring about our services, as well as if they would like to have a look around. In order to use the equipment, one must be a patient in our clinic and have the guidance/assistance of one of our skilled physical therapists.

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