Dr. Deems Discusses Fall Prevention and Balance Training

As a doctor and neurologist, Dr. Daniel Deems spends a great deal of his time focused on the evolution of prevention and cure for balance problems. Falls have become a huge problem in the United States.

As Americans, approximately $40 and $50 billion is spent taking care of fall-related injuries annually. The solution to these balance problems is fall prevention, rather than focusing on improving the cure after the fall takes place. With a wide range of options available for improving balance, up to 2/3 of medical costs on fall related injuries can be saved each year, approximately $20 to $30 billion US dollars.

The Wall Street Journal recently featured a discussion on falls in 20-30 year olds. In a recent vestibular function study with a professional soccer team, it was found that 2 of the 25 individuals had significant evidence of vestibular problems. In addition to other studies, it has been discovered that balance issues exist across all ages, not just in the elderly. A human's balance is carried more or less by three primary areas:

1. Inner Ear/Vestibular System This can include positional vertigo, when you have stones in your ear. A symptom would be if you are lying in bed and feel dizzy.

2. Proprioceptive: This is all of the internal information travelling in our body from our feet to our knees, arms, etc. letting our brain know where our body is.

3. Eyeballs: We often forget if you have trouble seeing, your balance will suffer.

While there are many other causes to fall-related injuries, these are the primary reasons for individuals suffering from balance problems. Prevention is the key to a successful, healthy lifestyle. The primary way of preventing balance problems is by moving. Staying active and moving helps prevent the majority of issues that lie with balance. In addition to exercise, this includes moving while at rest as well. If you are reading a book, tilt your head in one direction for page 1 and another for page 2, etc. When the body is stationary, the brain gets used to not moving, leading to balance issues. Today and the future of physical therapy and balance is prevention. Visit www.fyzical.com or www.fyzicalbalance.com to learn more about preventing your own balance problems.

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