FYZICAL Dallas now offering Custom Orthotics

FYZICAL Dallas is now offering Footmaxx custom orthotics. The Footmaxx system provides a dynamic, weight-bearing biomechanical assessment and enables digital data to be transmitted via modem to the Footmaxx laboratory where it is analyzed by the proprietary diagnostic software, Metascan™.

Metascan generates a Dynamic Analysis Report containing 2D and 3D color images of the your footstep, data on kinetic pressure patterns during the stance phase of gait, and a conclusion describing any biomechanical abnormality detected as compared to normal gait values. If an aberrant biomechanical pattern is detected, Metascan also specifies the prescription for custom foot orthotics made specifically for YOU! Additional features of the Footmaxx system include:

Dynamic Scan: Walking or Running Orthotics

Postural Scan: Balance of the Body

Static Scan: Standing

Education for You!

One patient recently has been using their new orthotics: "As a long distance runner, I was constantly having pains in my feet, knees and hips. Since purchasing the orthotics, I have already seen improvements in the three weeks I have worn them!"

Visit FYZICAL Dallas now to get set up with your custom orthotics or call to set up an appointment. FYZICAL is offering 10% off for the next 30 days.

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