Georgia FYZICAL Centers offering FYZICAL Boiled Peanuts!

FYZICAL Camilla and FYZICAL Albany have recently began offering boiled peanuts at their centers! 

Unfamiliar with this southern novelty? Read more about the origin of boiled peanuts!

Originally called Goober Peas, boiled peanuts have now become a staple in the Southern United States area. The practice of eating boiled peanuts was likely brought by slaves from Africa. When the peanut crops would come in during the hot summer months, surplus peanuts would be boiled and actually created social gatherings, giving family and friends a reason to share conversation and some good old boiled peanuts! Along with other traditional Southern culture cuisines including collard greens, fried green tomatoes, black-eyed peas, okra and fried fish, boiled peanuts became an organizing mechanism. The first recipe was published in 1899 by Almeda Lambert in 1899.

Packed with protein, boiling peanuts also draws antioxidants from the shells leading to four times the antioxidants of raw or roasted peanuts.

Be sure to visit FYZICAL Camilla or FYZICAL Albany to taste this southern classic!

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