Lymphedema Physical Therapy Program Available in Stuart and Jensen Beach, FL

At Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers in Stuart, FL and Jensen Beach, FL, lymphedema specialists are trained to reduce the swelling of body parts with lymphatic fluid collected. This physical therapy treatment consists of gentle massage to the lymphatic channel and affected area followed by education in skin protection.

Physical therapists are then wrapped by trained professionals to maximize fluid reduction once they leave the clinic. Fyzical offers the option of having a home lymphatic drainage pump for independent management of the chronic condition of lymphedema. Proper care of lymphedema vastly reduces the risk of Cellulitis.

A Fyzical patient spoke of the Lymphedema Program, "The swelling in my leg is now controlled. I am no longer fearful of cellulitis."

Individuals at risk for developing lymphedema can perform exercises when they are done at a low intensity and increased gradually. This is the safest way to perform therapy in a Lympedema program. Feel free to call Fyzical for a free phone consultation or to set up an appointment.

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