Negative is The New Positive - FYZICAL introduces the Eccentron

Dr. Rick Douglass, PT
National Director of Education
Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
Fellow American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists

What is the Eccentron?

The Eccentron is a patented negative resistance strength training system that works the muscles eccentrically for rapid strength gains, explosive muscle power, and unparalleled benefits for joint stability and fall prevention – all with minimal strain on the cardiovascular system. Thanks to our strategic partnership with BTE, FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers in Southwest Florida can now offer our patients and clients this breakthrough device to deliver these benefits in an efficient, accessible way.

FYZICAL Fitness and the Eccentron were recently featured on the Fitness Friday segment on WINK News:

What are Eccentric Exercises?

Eccentric, or “negative,” resistance is a type of muscle contraction that occurs as the muscle fibers lengthen, such as when a weight is lowered through a range of motion, or when a person walks down stairs. Eccentron uses eccentric resistance for strength training, without the joint strain and/or knee pain of many conventional exercises such as squats and lunges, ultimately loading muscles at the optimal level to induce increased strength responses?

Physical Therapists have long known the benefits of eccentric exercise but the challenge has always been, how do we access these benefits without overloading the joints or creating fatigue? The Eccentron is a real game changer because it removes the concentric portion of the exercise, bringing the power of eccentrics to patients and clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Who can benefit from the Eccentron?

I.Geriatrics: our older population

  • Negative Resistance produces higher muscle forces with minimal strain
  • Allows us to safely increase strength and stability for improved balance and mobility and decreased fall risk
  • Transition to strength training sooner, exercises can be dosed as a percentage of their body weight

II.Cardiopulmonary Patients

  • 80% less oxygen is need for resisting vs. pushing, this means there is less demand on the hearts and the lungs
  • There are decreased energy demands for those with a low cardiac output
  • Patients can make significant gains without intense aerobic activity or high impact exercise

III.General Rehabilitation/Injury Recovery

  • Eccentrics (resisting) generates 30-40% more force than Concentrics, (pushing)
  • Allows the patient recovering from injury to gain strength and muscle mass in less time
  • The Interactive software allow for monitoring of injured leg strength gains throughout the course of treatment


  • The ability to perform high loads and high repetitions without creating an oxygen debt, without cardiovascular fatigue allows a higher volume of work that cant be easily achieved any other way
  • Eccentrics allow the athlete to develop the muscle spring of plyometrics without the high impact of jumping and landing.


From the frail and elderly to the high-performance athlete, the breakthrough technology of the Eccentron allows us to harness the power of negative training with measurable results and printed reports and real, positive outcomes for our patients and clients.

How Do I Try the Eccentron

Call us at any one of our SW Florida FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers for a free trial run! We are also recruiting subjects for a study on how the Eccentron can reduce fall risk. If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Dr. Rick Douglass, PT, National Director of Education for FYZICAL at the FYZICAL Fitness Center on Metro Parkway for more details. Our phone number is 239-561-1177. You can also follow FYZICAL Education on Twitter @DouglassDPT.

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