Physical Therapy Comments at Fyzical in Palm Beach County

"Liz is the best! I had others helping me as well, but she really takes the time to make you feel important and she gets to know you and your situation...not just fixing the symptoms/pain. She is an asset to the Fyzical team!"


"When I started at Fyzical for my right shoulder, I was in a great deal of pain and had very little range of motion. The very simple things for me were very painful. I cannot tell you how much better I am in the short time I have spent here, nor can I thank the staff enough for getting me where I am now, living in pain is not a part of my daily life now. I can now do things I have not done in a very long time. Again, I thank the folks at Fyzical for giving me back my normal life without the horrible pain. Thanks to all."

-Beverly B.

"I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my foot in two places. After the cast was removed I was still limping and my foot and ankle ached. I could not walk distances without discomfort. Once I started therapy, all the exercises increased my mobility week by week. I was pleased with the extend and variety of exercises offered and I was pain free and mobile in a much shorter period of time than I expected. Everyone here was wonderful to work with and extremely professional. I would certainly recommend them to anyone."

- Reni B.

"I had injured my knee taking step-aerobics classes. After taking an MRI, we discovered arthritis also in the knees. After several weeks of therapy, which included heat, stretching, stationary bike riding, strengthening and ending with electrical stimulation and a cold pack, I am so happy to state I am improved 98%. Many thanks to the staff at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers of Palm Beach."

- Sandra G.

"Before surgery, my physical therapy enabled me to maintain strength and flexibility in my knee. I could not walk confidently, climb stairs comfortably or swim. My pre-op therapy not only improved those activities, it drastically shortened my post-op recovery. During my Post-op I was unable to walk had no strength, and little range of motion. My post-op therapy has restored my knee to a more flexible, less painful, stronger knee. Without therapy, and superior guidance by my PY, I would not have made such a great recovery! Therapy has given me a lifelong foundation for maintaining a healthy knee."

- Heather M.

"After eight visits, I am 75 -80% more functional and experiencing much less pain. But, the most beneficial experience in my recovery was due to the warm, caring and capable staff under the expertise of Michael. I would highly recommend this facility."

- Norma A.

"When I first came to Fyzical, I was in a great deal of pain from a stiff, sore neck. I couldn't turn my head to either side, or even raise or lower my head. My head of motion was absolutely minimal. After my very first treatment, I found virtually immediate relief. If felt like a miracle. A couple of treatments after that, I felt back to normal. My pain is totally absent and I can freely move my head. I can't find the words to describe how great I found the staff to be here at Fyzical. I must add that the treatments were always very gentle and comfortable as well as effective."

- Sidney S.

"When I first came to Fyzical for therapy due to my shoulder injury, movement in that area was very restricted and painful. I leave without pain and excellent flexibility. The staff is wonderful, attentive and personable. Thanks!"

- Lynda Y.

"At first when I came in I was not able to move my head, lift my right arm and the pain in my back was killing me. Now, after the therapy I am able to move, lift my arm and the most important at work I can lift the garbage can without pain. Thanks to the wonderful attention of Lynn and Trish, I am back to my normal live."

- Digna F.

"When I started physical therapy here I could not put my socks on, I thought the power steering on my car was dead because it was so hard to turn the wheel and it was agony getting in and out of the car. Put another way, virtually every muscle in my upper body hurt. Now, after about two months, I am totally back to where I was before this painful episode started. I am quite limber and entirely free of pain."

- David T.

"The physical therapy sessions I had at Fyzical brought me from not being able to stand or walk for any lengthy periods to being able to resume my daily tennis sessions. This was accomplished in just two months. I am very grateful for the attention and knowledgeable staff. A vey happy graduate (with a bowtie)."

- Stanley C.

"When I came in I had difficulty walking. My left leg was in pain when I tried to walk. Today, I enjoyed my last rehab exercise I did what I was told and I feel better. Now I am able to play golf three times a week. Thanks for everything."

- Arthur G.

"I am very happy with my accomplishments at Fyzical. You are reading this story and I am writing this. I was not able to write at all before my therapy. Did you ever try brushing your teeth without using you right hand? I couldn't brush my teeth. I now have no difficulty brushing my teeth with my right hand which was my disabled one. Cooking for my family was impossible. We spent a lot of money eating out. I can now cook and also wash up the dishes after each meal. I was unable to open any of the doors in my home. This I am able to do today without any difficulty. I can also put on my own wrist watch and my earrings which I am excited about. Thanks again."

- Arleen Q.

"When Dr. Norris sent me to Fyzical for therapy May 13th, I had limited mobility in my left ankle accompanied with pain and burning. Cortisone had not improved the ankle. I was unable to walk without a brace. It is now June 12th and my ankle has improved 100 %. Therapy was scheduled for twice a week. It included whirlpool, ultrasound, various exercises with and without weights, finishing with ice and stimuli. I now can exercise my ankle with a 3-lb weight. I couldn't be more pleased to be pain free and ready to spend an active week with my one year old granddaughter in PA. Thank you Janet. Thank you."

- Barbara W.

"Let me tell you about my knee. It hurt. They both did. The left one more than the right. The doctor said he could make the left better and the right one would get better because it wouldn't have to work so hard. This sounds like a plan and he does his thing I'm on crutches and then he tells me I have to go to physical therapy. I don't want to go. He says "If you want your 62 year old knee to be 29 again you have to go". I asked the nurse where to go and she said... "Go to see Mike and you will be in good hands". "Will my insurance pay for it? Yes. Just go. I missed my first appointment. After filling out and signing all the release forms and medical history forms and most important the insurance form Lynn came out to get me to see how bad I was. (She called it evaluate) And then the fun began. Over the next few weeks she put me through hell and she loved it. Three sets of ten of this and that and don't forget ten minutes on this machine and that one over there. Keep your knee straight to get the full affect. She never broke a sweat. My insurance won't pay for any more visits so I guess my knee is better. I'm going to miss Mike and Lynn. I'm going to miss sharing the stories between my fellow patients. Now that I can I guess my wife and I will take the dog for a walk."

- Dave M.

"As a pain patient for many years, I have been to numerous physical therapy facilities. I have never been fortunate to find a facility such as Fyzical, before my six visits to this treatment center. The concern and level of professionalism are really the best. The hands on approach and the level of concern that each therapist and aides put forth are much greater then I have ever experienced. I recommend highly this facility and congratulate Mr. Graves for the way he and his staff run this facility."

- Saul K.

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