Solostep: Physical Therapy Program in Stuart and Jensen Beach, FL

At Fyzical Stuart and Fyzical Jensen Beach, a program is offered to help patients with their balance called SoloStep. In order to properly use the SoloStep, patients wear a vest attached to an overhead track harness system allowing them to walk and retrain balance skills with absolutely no possibility of falling.

The equipment is used to retrain proper gait technique for people who are amputees, individuals who have fallen and suffered an injury, those with a fear of falling, neurological impairments, and post surgical. A typical program with SOloStep would last approximately 3 months.

One patient from the Stuart clinic said, "The SoloStep helped me learn to walk again without the fear of falling."

Some of the primary benefits of the SoloStep System (from the SoloStep website) include:

1. Develop Confidence: The SOLO-STEP® System reduces the fear of falling, allowing patients the confidence to take the next step.

2. Advanced Therapy: Patients will be able to rehab quicker and return to full strength in less than average time.

3. Safe Rehab: The SOLO-STEP® System provides a safe atmosphere for balance and gait training.

4. Natural Movement: The SOLO-STEP® System allows for natural range of motion for the patient and does not require the use of the upper body that is essential when using parallel bars.

5. User Friendly: The SOLO-STEP® System harness can be put on easily from a standing or sitting position. The 3 quick-connect buckles make it simple to get in and out of the harness.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call the office at:

Fyzical Stuart: (772) 223-3440
Fyzical Jensen Beach: (772) 692-1528

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