We are able to utilize the buoyancy assistive and resistive properties of water to greatly enhance the effectiveness of our rehabilitation. A patient can walk, run, jump in water much sooner than on land. Exercise underwater allows for greater pain free active or active assisted range of motion for most parts of the body. Work on core stabilization is greatly enhanced through use of the powerful current.

The pool temperature is 90 degrees. You do not need swimming skills to benefit from use of the pool. There is a private dressing room and towels are provided. There is only one person in the pool at a time. Although the pool speeds rehabilitation, land based therapy is also recommended as an adjunct.

We are generally able to schedule an appointment for an evaluation within 24-48 hiours. The first appointment will not be in the pool. A thorough Physical Therapy evaluation and prescription of a home exercise program proceed use of Aquatics.

Testimonial - “The pool was clean and warm. I enjoyed being in the water because I was able to move much better. My back pain disappeared when I got in.”

by Daniel O'Conner FYZICAL Chicago

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