West Orlando/Pines Hills Only Solo-Step System

FYZICAL Orlando offers the Solo-Step Rehab rail system, which provides a safe atmosphere for balance and gait training.

The Solo-Step eliminates fall risk when working with a weak and unsteady patient. The system allows the patient to isolate the use of their legs and trunk. FYZICAL Orlando's solo-step program allows the client to have a 30 minute graduated sessions with caregivers. It is typically recommend for use 1-2 times per week for a 1-2 months.

"The Solo-Step eliminates the risk for injury for both patient and therapist. It eliminates falls. The Solo-Step facilitates effective therapy and promotes patient confidence," says Dr. B.

How can Solo-Step Help You?

How the SOLO-STEP® System can help PATIENTS.

1. Develop Confidence:

The SOLO-STEP® System reduces the fear of falling, allowing you to gain the confidence to take the next step.

2. Advanced Therapy:

You will be able to rehab quicker and return to full strength in less than average time.

3. Safe Rehab:

The SOLO-STEP® System provides a safe atmosphere for balance and gait training.

4. Natural Movement:

The SOLO-STEP® System allows for natural range of motion and does not require the use of the upper body that is essential when using parallel bars.

5. User Friendly:

The SOLO-STEP® System harness can be put on easily from a standing or sitting position. The 3 quick-connect buckles make it simple to get in and out of the harness.

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