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Intro to Fitness & Conditioning

Intro to Fitness & Conditioning Program

FYZICAL's Intro to Fitness & Conditioning Program is a physical therapy preparation program tailored to each patient to ensure you are exercising safely and working towards living a healthier lifestyle. Beginning a fitness program is one of the most important steps that you can take to kick-start a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of being physically active, include reducing your chance of developing a chronic disease, bettering your balance, losing weight, increasing your self-confidence, and improving your daily sleep pattern.

Our Intro to Fitness & Conditioning Program will begin with a fitness assessment. The next step will be designing a fitness program which will contain a routine that will fit your schedule and contain your fitness goals. FYZICAL will help you monitor your progress and make sure you're hitting your goals. We will help you analyze your program and alter your program where it is needed.

If you're interested in developing your fitness program, contact us at FYZICAL Bradenton Central today and we will help you get back to Loving Your Life!