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Parkinson's Disease Therapy

What is Parkinson's Disease?

Parkinson's Disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disease which affects older adults. PD is a movement disorder which occurs when the nerve cells in the brain does not make dopamine, a brain chemical that affects body movement, thought process, mood, and decision making. PD can develop from an exposure to environmental toxins, a combination of genes, or lifestyle influences. Other factors which may affect your chance of developing PD includes sex, men are more likely to develop PD and age, people typically do not develop PD until around age 60 or older.

How Can A Physical Therapist Assist Patients With Parkinson's Disease?

Physical therapy for Parkinson's Disease will begin with a comprehensive balance and postural assessment. FYZICAL follows the Parkinson's rehabilitation method, LSVT Big & Loud program, which will assist patients with maintaining their strength and speech. The LSVT Big portion of the therapy trains patients on how to keep active and continue using their body normally. The LSVT Loud portion of the therapy is a speech treatment. Another part of the treatment will be balance training and education, which assists our patients with minimizing their risk of falling.

Partaking in physical therapy will help you learn new exercises, move better, and get back to Loving Your Life again!

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