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Facial Pain & Headaches

Common Causes of Facial Pain & Headaches

Headaches and facial pain can make performing everyday activities difficult. The symptoms can vary from a pulsating pain to a constant tension and throbbing. Physical therapy can help relieve your cranial or facial pain regardless of your symptoms. There are two types of headaches, primary and secondary. Primary headaches are typically caused by overactivity, but can be activated by alcohol, processed meats, insufficient amount of sleep, stress, or bad posture. Secondary headaches are caused by the pain-sensitive head nerves, which can be activated by tight headgear, ice cream, too much medication, or a sinus infection. Facial pain can be caused by dental surgery/ache, nerve pain, TMJ, and vascular pain. 

At FYZICAL Brevard, our physical therapists will diagnose the cause of your headache or facial pain and will create a treatment plan to help relieve it. Call us today to begin your treatment journey!

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