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» Neck Pain & Headaches :

Everyone experiences neck pain at least once in their life. It is a myth that neck pain is a normal sign of aging (arthritis osteoarthritis). The incidence of neck pain seems to be increasing with the increased use of electronic devices and cell phones, called “tech neck.” Posture can have a significant effect on neck pain.

With physical therapy, you can treat the underlying cause and prevent future pain and damage to the spine. 

Our therapists will not only treat pain but provide posture training, body mechanics training and work space set up recommendations.

All of our patients receive manual, hands on therapy. We treat all of our patients individually, one on one. 

We use the McKenzie Method® to evaluate and treat spinal patients. This method is designed to establish a direction of preference in the spine and extremeties to restore mobilty and decrease pain. The therapist will evaluate which movements are making your symptoms worse and which ones are making your symptoms better.  This method involves significant responsibility of the patient for posture and mobility exercises. Each patient receives a unique program designed specifically for them. Once the pain is alleviated, then we will be begin strengthening to prevent recurrence.

Is My Neck Causing A Headache? 

Most headaches can be helped by physical therapy. Many tension headaches are actually caused by a problem in your neck. This is called a "cervicogenic headache." If a headache is due to a cervical problem, pain medication to relieve the headache will only help the immediate pain, it will not solve the problem. The only successful treatment of a cervicogenic headache is to treat the neck. 

Migraines are not usually cervicogenic, or caused by a neck condition. But in some people, migraines can be triggered by a problem in the neck. After the neck is treated, the frequency and/or intensity of the migraine attacks can be diminished. 

The pain does not have to be in your to be from your neck. Some neck problems refer pain into the head. So it's possible to have a neck problem, where the only symptom is in the headache. So a tension headache is caused by a cervical problem (cervicogenic headache), treatment of the neck will fully resolve the headache pain. If the headache returns, you will be able to abolish it with simple neck exercises. 

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