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Welcome to FYZICAL Camas

Leading the Future of Preventative Care

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is the fastest growing healthcare franchise in America. FYZICAL Camas is on a mission to save Americans from falling down and getting injured, as well as helping people live their fullest lives. This is a service missing in our community and we are excited for the opportunity to fill this need by adding a state-of-the-art balance and fall prevention center to our already successful manual therapy, orthopedic and sports rehab services. This decision aligns with our commitment to help transform healthcare for the better and to set the benchmark for the highest level of care. FYZICAL Camas is conveniently located on the corner of SE 192nd Ave and SE 20th St. 

FYZICAL Camas is setting the new industry standard-of-care for balance and vestibular therapy in outpatient physical therapy centers using these technologies:

  • Fall prevention technologies, such as Safety Overhead Support (SOS)® or Single Overhead Support®
  • NASA-level force plate technology for diagnosing vestibular dysfunction using virtual surround 3-D imagery.
  • Infra-red laser video oculography (IVOG) and Vestibulo-Nystagmography (VNG) for the diagnosis of difficult-to-detect balance dysfunction.
  • BODYQ® Comprehensive Health scoring and fitness tracking program to help people take control of their health and their lives.

At FYZICAL Camas we are dedicated to high quality Physical Therapy, Fighting the Fall and creating the best rehab experience possible for those we have the opportunity to serve. We hope you like the new look, improved accessibility, new services and new equipment.

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Every new client completes a client needs survey that is shared with your physical therapist during your initial visit. Then, jointly with your physical therapist you will set goals and establish a treatment plan that meets your individual needs.


Our clinicians have completed advanced certifications in manual therapy, balance, functional training, ASTYM therapy, vestibular therapy and more to help you achieve your physical therapy goals.


FYZICAL Camas is committed to meeting the needs in our community. To this end, we proudly serve as the OFFICIAL WELLNESS PARTNERS for the WASHINGTON TIMBERS FC. Together we promote injury prevention, post-injury recovery, baseline testing for concussions, post-concussion management to help with return to play and more.

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