Intake Form

» Intake Form :

At FYZICAL Camas, we want to maximize your time with us. Prior to your first visit, please print and fill out the new patient forms below. Please bring these with you to your first visit along with your insurance information and photo ID.

Initial Visit

It is important to have your paperwork filled out by the start of your first visit so you may take full advantage of the time allotted for you with your physical therapist. Please print and complete the applicable documents below and bring them with you to your first visit.

Please arrive 20 MINUTES before your appointment time to allow sufficient time to complete the intake process prior to the start of your initial visit.

What to Wear

Wear or bring loose fitting clothing (i.e. shorts, t-shirt, sports bra or tank top). If the Astym treatment is being used for a shoulder or neck condition, a halter top is ideal for women.

What to Bring

  • Driver’s License or Picture ID
  • Insurance Card or Claim Information
  • Payment (depending on your insurance plan benefits)
  • Physician Referral (if required by your insurance)
  • Completed Intake Paperwork (see above)


What You Can Expect

The initial visit is generally scheduled for 1 hour. At this visit the physical therapist will gather information about your condition and perform a series of tests to determine the source of your symptoms and what factors might be contributing. Your physical therapist will share his/her findings with you. Together you will discuss your goals and develop a treatment plan to target the SOURCE of your symptoms so you can achieve your rehab goals. An effective treatment plan takes into consideration your time and financial constraints, personal preferences and will include a clear and concise home exercise program (HEP) you can successfully work into your daily routine. By regularly performing your home exercise program you will be able to help yourself GET BETTER, SOONER. Your physical therapist will use your response to your exercises as an indicator for when to modify and or progress your therapy. An initial home exercise program will be developed at the end of your first visit.

At the end of your visit your physical therapist will discuss with you how often you should come and for how long. The duration of therapy is highly variable and dependent on the severity of your condition, personal preference, compliance with your home exercise program and more. Often visits are more frequent the first couple of weeks, then decrease as you begin to improve. You should begin to notice improvements in your condition within 1-2 weeks.