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Running Analysis

“All runners have inefficiencies in their form. They may be subtle, but finding them uncovers opportunities to make the body stronger and more tolerant of rigorous training”

– Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, PhD


Video Analysis

Fyzical Camas offers video analysis for runners. Frame by frame we will break down your running gait to identify alignment problems and inefficiencies in your running form. Being able to see your running form in slow motion can help you visualize the correction and activate the right muscles to improve your running form.


  • Decrease the impact and pain with running
  • Learn exercises to address your weak points
  • Run more efficiently

Musculoskeletal and Biomechanical Assessment

Visualizing your running form in slow motion can show you what to fix. However, assessing your flexibility, strength, and body type tells us how to fix it. For example, over-pronating could be related to any or all of the following: tightness in your calves, weakness in your hips or related to your foot-type. Knowing the source of your alignment problem is essential for correcting it. During the assessment you will be taken through a series of tests. These tests tell us where your problem areas are located. We will explain to you how these problem areas relate to the alignment problems or inefficiencies seen during the video analysis.

Running Injury Rehab

Now that we have analyzed your gait and assessed your mobility, it’s time to address those problem areas.

How is this done?

Stretching and strengthening exercises specific to your problem areas. These provide the mobility and stability needed for optimal running

Running specific exercises to re-train your movement patterns (muscle memory) and improve your ability to control how your body moves (coordination)

Astym treatment to stimulate the body’s natural healing. This allows your body to more effectively respond to the corrective exercises we prescribe

Footwear recommendations based on your running style and foot-type

Training recommendations to minimize your risk for injury or re-injury as you work towards your running goals

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