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Does you back, shoulder or elbow have you screaming Fore!? You are not the only one whose play is effected as the result of a nagging injury or lack of flexibility. The good news is that FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center, your local neighborhood private practice, can help you with your injuries.

The best golfers in the world make fitness an integral part of their game and have forever changed Golf. Par 5s are now reachable in 2. Fatigue is not as much of a factor. Ball striking is more consistent, and scores continue to drop. Technological improvements in equipment have helped, but more than ever, Golf Professionals are investing in physical health. Most amateurs, however, have not taken advantage of getting their bodies in the best physical condition to play the game they love. It may be the shortage of proper fitness programs specific to golf. It may be that the information out there just doesn’t seem to fit the individual. Or it may be the fear of injury or the lack of a personal plan based on individual needs. One thing is for sure – investing in your physical health will add to the enjoyment of your game!

Low back pain is the most common injury or complaint among both professional and amateur golfers. Next are upper extremity injuries (elbow and shoulder). Low back problems occur as the result of a powerful rotation and extension motion in the golf swing. They can also occur as the result of inadequate flexibility in the hips and trunk. A 2004 study suggests that increasing extension ROM of the lumbar spine and rotation in the lead hip (left hip in a right handed golfer) may decrease the incidence of low back pain. FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers (Bristol and Southington) are the only two Certified McKenzie Spine Care Clinics in New England! There is no better place to get treated for your back pain.

The elbow is the second most common injured area in golfers. The two most common problems are medial epicondylitis (aka golfers elbow) and lateral epicondylitis (aka tennis elbow). Both are thought to occur as the result of poor swing mechanics, as a result these injuries become apparent with an increase in play. These injuries also occur from hitting the ground frequently (taking a divot) or hitting a shot “fat” (taking a very large divot). A good stretching and strengthen program have been shown to decrease these problems, along with improved swing mechanics.

The key to injury prevention is a proper warm up routine before hitting the links. Over 80% of golfers spend less than 10 minutes warming up before a round. Those who do warm up have a 50% less incidence of injury compared to those who do not warm up.

A personalized program can be designed for you by a certified Titleist Performance Institute practitioner at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center. This will focus on helping to increase range of motion, improve balance and coordination, increase strength, increase flexibility, and increase stability which can all help with injury prevention and improve your golf game. You might even gain a little extra distance as a bonus!

For more information please contact, Keith Sobkowiak DPT, L/ATC, Physical Therapist/General Manager at 860-585-5800 or , to help with all your rehabilitation needs. Keith also has his Level 1 Certification from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center has offices in both Bristol (860-585-5800) or Southington (203-272-8490) for your convenience. Same day appointments available.