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Who We Are

Fyzical Chastain Park is a medical and science-based physical therapy clinic in Chastain Park, bordering the Buckhead and Sandy Springs neighborhoods of north Atlanta. We provide physical therapy services to a broad base of clients, including balance deficits, vertigo/diziness, vestibular rehabilitation, and other neurologic and orthopedic issues.

The need for specialty physical therapy is at an all-time high, resulting in high patient volumes and frequent waitlists at many other clinics. Our staff identified this need and was motivated to open Fyzical Chastain Park to provide high quality and skilled services to our community. We believe you should have quick and easy access to your healthcare - without having to drive across the city or outside the perimeter of Atlanta.

Why Choose Us

While all physical therapists are experts at evaluating and treating movement of the human body, here at FYZICAL Chastain Park we do so much more. Our therapists only work with you one-on-one to ensure that you recieve the attention you deseve and a customized approach to your rehabilitation experience. We understand that you are more than the pain or the dizziness challenges you may be facing. Our goal is to work with you as a whole person and get you back to doing the things that are important to you.

All of our therapists have specialized training and clinical experience in vestibular rehabilitation, balance and neurological therapy, beyond what is required to graduate as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Moreover, we have a board-certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist (NCS) on staff. This allows us to confidently provide specialty care for brain-related disorders like strokes, brain injuries, concussions, vertigo, and many other acute and chronic conditions. Treating neurological, vestibular, and balance disorders is our passion, and that comes across in the personalized and dedicated care you will receive.

Just as importantly, treating from a neurological perspective can give us rare insight into musculoskeletal disorders – muscles, joints, and ligaments – from the understanding of the brain that runs them. This allows our therapists to look at musculoskeletal conditions from a new light, and can help bring you results if you are dealing with a chronic problem or atypical presentation that has not responded to traditional orthopedic physical therapy methods.

Lastly, Fyzical Chastain Park has the most up to date and sophisticated equipemnt in order to ensure you are receiving the safest and most effective rehab program for your specific needs. Our clinic is outfitted with a state-of-the-art overhead track and harness system to ensure your safety with balance training. We also have vestibular infrared video goggles to be able to record your eye movements to allow for the highest level of accuracy in assessing and managing your diziness, vertigo and balance issues. We are also equipped with free weights, exercise machines, and other fitness equipment needed to support a well-rounded training program at any level.

Our Location

We are conveniently located north of Buckhead and south of Sandy Springs in the Chastain Park community. Our clinic is on the second level of the Fountain Oaks Shopping Center on Roswell Road. Once you are in the parking lot facing the Kroger, our office is to the left - just above The Blake. An elevator is located on the first floor below our office for our patients with mobility concerns. 

If approaching our clinic from I-285, take Exit 25 Roswell Road to Sandy Springs and head South on Roswell Road. The Fountain Oaks plaza will be on the left just after the Belle Isle Rd NE intersection. 

If approaching on Roswell Road coming North, we are located just past the Long Island Dr NE intersection. 

We are also conveniently near the Belle Isle Road stop for the MARTA Bus Route on Roswell Road.