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VNG Testing

What is VNG?

Videonystagmography (VNG) is a special examination of the inner ear balance mechanism (vestibular system) using graphic recordings of eye movements (nystagmus). Changes in balance often cause associated eye movements. Recording and studying these eye movements help in the diagnosis of your dizziness.

How does this test work?

During the test, goggles will be placed on your head to detect eye movements. First, you will be asked to watch moving objects; second, you will be asked to lie in different positions and lastly; both ears will be stimulated by warm and cool air. The exam is not painful; however, portions of the exam may cause you to be dizzy for a few minutes. Expect this test to take approximately 1 hours. This examination is important to help diagnose the reason for your dizziness. You and your provider will review your test results together and discuss options and further interventions if necessary.