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PT- Post Marathon

Physical Therapy is an important aid when recovering from a marathon!

The weeks immediately following your running a marathon, the recovery phase, is an optimal time to head back to physical therapy. During this period, your body has begun to heal from the microscopic damage to muscle tissues and surrounding connective tissues, which is caused by the repetitive movements and daily stresses of marathon training. While your body is recovering from the heavy training required for the marathon, your Physical Therapist’s focus is on rebuilding a solid foundation and helping you become a stronger athlete, which will allow you to return to pain free activities of daily living and/or resume pain free training for your next race.

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers of East Harlem tools for Post Marathon Recovery:

* IASTM Manual Therapy 
* Manual Stretching
* Accupressure Manual Treatment
* Modalities
* AlterG Treadmill
* Kinesio Taping
* Functional Movement Analysis