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Frequently Asked Questions about FYZICAL Massage Therapy

F.A.Q. # 1: Are your Massage Therapists licensed?
Answer: Our Massage Therapists are fully licensed in the State of Florida and have completed, beyond their specific field of study, several specialty certifications. A difference you will notice.

F.A.Q. # 2: Are your Massage Therapists experienced?

Answer: Every Massage Therapist at FYZICAL has been a practicing for many years.

F.A.Q. # 3: Should I arrive early at FYZICAL for my massage?

Answer: Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This will allow you to talk with your massage therapist, use the restroom if you wish, and get your massage started right on time. We would not want you to miss any of the time we have set aside for your treatment.

F.A.Q. # 4: What happens when I come in for massage therapy?

Answer: You will be welcomed by our friendly receptionist after which you can take a seat in our comfortable, clean and light waiting room. Your massage therapist will come for you when it is time for your scheduled treatment. She will go over some questions with you to assure she is aware of your needs and wants.

F.A.Q. # 5: Do I have to undress to receive a massage?

Answer: You can undress to the extent you are comfortable. You will always be covered with a sheet (and perhaps a blanket to keep you warm, if preferred). You will have private time in the massage room both to; 1) undress, and get on the table under the sheet at the start of your massage, as well as 2) to be able to get dressed again after your massage is completed.

F.A.Q. # 6: Can I speak with the Massage Therapist during the massage?

Answer: This also is a personal preference. Some people prefer to enjoy a massage in silence while others prefer to talk. Either is fine!

F.A.Q. # 7: What happens after the massage?

Answer: After you get dressed you will be greeted by your therapist upon exiting the Massage Therapy room. We will always offer you water after your massage. It is important to drink water after a massage to help flush your body. We encourage you to drink more water once you get home, too.

F.A.Q. # 8: Does Massage therapy hurt?

Answer: Your Massage Therapist will use the amount of pressure that is comfortable for you. Massages can be relaxing and soothing or they can be more directed to certain functional goals by pressure, depending on what your body needs and what you want. In no case should massage be painful or create extreme discomfort. If you do not like the pressure your therapist is using, be sure to speak up and let her know! We are here for you!

F.A.Q. # 8: What if I get cold during the massage?
Answer: We want you to be warm and comfortable, so if you begin to feel chilled please ask the massage therapist for an extra blanket. We can also heat the mattress pad which covers the massage table, or provide a neck warmer, warm booties, or warm towels.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about FYZICAL Massage services call us at (941) 721-1854.