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Gift Ideas from a Physical Therapist’s Perspective

By Beth Jennings, PT, MPT

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone? Whether you are shopping for your special person, co-worker, boss, friend, or dogwalker, FYZICAL–Forest Grove has got you covered. Why not a gift that supports the body’s health, healing, and care? We have some of these items on the list in our office in Forest Grove (as noted by the asterisk*), so stop by while we still have some in stock.

Gifts for the regular exerciser or athlete

  1. Massage tools: Shaped like a hook with several rounded knobs, the Theracane* helps you work out those hard-to-reach spots yourself. But if your budget has a little more room, the HyperVolt Go* is an excellent choice in the category of vibrating massager. 
  2. Foam rollers*: Another way to self-massage muscles, particularly after a hard workout. It takes a little knowledge and skill, but your athletic daughter-in-law will know what to do with it.  
  3. Topical pain relief creams*: We could do a whole post on the different kinds of creams on the shelves these days. We keep a few on our shelves, like Biofreeze* and Stopain*, that are menthol based. We also carry Pro Athletes Hemp Association’s* CBD products.
  4. Home gym equipment: Does your person need a new piece to add to their home gym? Ask if they’d like a specific weight of kettlebell, a pull-up bar, or a suspension trainer.
  5. KT Tape*: This stretchy tape mimics the elasticity of skin and can serve a variety of purposes depending on how it is applied. Packaged either in a roll or precut strips, KT Tape is easy to apply and learn how to use.

Gifts for the new exerciser

  1. Fitness tracker: A wearable digital device that collects health data like heart rate, calories burned, miles run, etc. With many choices out there these days, we’ll leave it up to this Forbes article to give you more direction on choosing one. 
  2. Exercise apparel: Who doesn’t love a good pair of socks, gym shorts, sweatpants, sports bra, or gift certificates to places where they can pick out their own?
  3. Exercise mat: A Yoga mat* or other exercise mats for the dorm room floor or to take to a class.
  4. Stretch strap*: Tight hamstrings? Shoulders? Hip muscles? This sturdy strap with built-in handles makes stretching easier. It’s also used in yoga.
  5. Hot/cold packs*: Having a hot or cold pack available is not just for the new exercisers, but still worthy of putting on list. We’ve got them in several shapes and sizes in the office.

Gifts for the avid walker

  1. Trekking poles: Commonly seen in the woods but also used on urban trails, trekking poles can provide joint support, improve steadiness, add an upper body workout, and even improve posture while walking. 
  2. Traction devices: Whether you call them ice cleats, traction devices, or the ice-gripper things for shoes, we could all use a pair when the weather turns, and the sidewalks become slippery. 
  3. Archies Arch Support Flip Flops*: While they are not our pick to go walk 6 miles in, these flip flops make a better choice than the average ones. Know someone who loves flip flops? Give these a try.
  4. Reflective gear: Always keeping safety in mind, we recommend reflective gear to be visible to drivers during the darker hours. 
  5. Outdoor apparel: Keeping comfortable while outside is important, but so is regulating your temperature. A good beanie, rain hat, wool socks, or even a quality puffy jacket or rain shell would be appreciated. 

Did you see anything of interest for you or someone on your list? Feel free to forward this post to others through the links at the top of this page. Maybe you’ll find one of these wrapped up for you. 

Beth Jennings, PT, MPT is a freelance writer, a physical therapist and a wellness coach.

Disclaimer This blog is provided for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.