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Solo-Step Overhead Track and Harness System

Coming Soon to FYZICAL Forest Grove

Beth Jennings, PT

As the remodeling for our specialty Balance Center at FYZICAL Forest Grove continues, here’s a glimpse of the Solo-Step system we are installing and how you could benefit. We’re pretty excited about it and hope you will be, too.

What is Solo-Step?

You wear a harness. The harness is attached to a ceiling track. The system is adjusted to your height so if you lose your balance, you will NOT hit the ground. It’s that simple.

The goal you are working towards — learning to walk with a new prosthetic, walking without a cane, swinging a golf club, or dancing with your partner — can be practiced without the worry of falling. How great is this?

To see it in action, check out this short video from Solo-Step.

Solo-Step Demo Video

What are the Benefits?

Reduced injury from falls. If a concern for injury during physical therapy is holding you back from giving it your all, Solo-Step takes that worry away.

Maximize your physical therapy sessions. With more confidence to challenge yourself, you will get more out of your physical therapy sessions. As much as we like seeing you, we think you’ll get better faster and will be on your own in no time.

Boosts confidence in your abilities. Whether you have a fear of falling or you just don’t know your limits, you can test the boundaries in a worry-free environment.

We get out of your way. Physical therapists are trained to protect you from falling, but we know sometimes we get in your way and could limit normal movement. Practicing how to move your muscles normally after a stroke, joint replacement, or with a new prosthetic can be easier with the Solo-Step.

Who Benefits?

Anyone looking to improve their balance, strength, endurance, walking, or transferring from bed to chair could benefit from the added safety of the Solo-Step during physical therapy. This could include anyone from young to old, athletic to sedentary, and those weighting up to 500 pounds.

Some diagnoses including:

  • Unsteadiness
  • Balance disorders
  • Vertigo
  • Concussion
  • Fear of falling
  • Lower body joint replacements, injuries, or surgeries
  • Osteoporosis or those at high risk for fracture
  • Amputation
  • Stroke, paralysis, or head injuries
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis

When you can practice without the worry of further injury, you are able to achieve your goals more quickly. This is what we want for you at FYZICAL Forest Grove.

Example: Fearful Fran

Fran uses a walker and is so fearful of falling that she is walking less at home and is going out very little. As a result, she is getting weaker and her balance is getting worse. Her family is concerned that she will fall and wonders if she is safe to live alone. Fran is a great candidate for physical therapy at FYZICAL Forest Grove and training with the Solo-Step.

Example: Tex’s Two-Step

After Tex’s above-knee amputation, his first goal was to walk with his prosthetic without using crutches. He achieved that but now he wants to get back to dancing the two-step with his wife. Turn on the country music, strap up the Solo-Step, and let’s get you two dancing.

Example: Arnold’s New Hip 

Arnold, a retired Marine and avid outdoorsman, was not unaccustomed to getting a few bumps and bruises, but he didn’t want to damage his new hip replacement while working on strength and balance. With the help of Solo-Step and his physical therapist at FYZICAL Forest Grove, Arnold will be back out fishing in no time.

Example: Dizzy Delia

Delia is dealing with the aftereffects of the car accident and the concussion she had last spring. She also has osteoporosis which makes her bones more brittle and easier to break if she fell. The Solo-Step would allow her to work on her dizziness without the worry of falling.

Do you think Solo-Step could help you? Read more about Solo-Step Overhead Harness and Track System and some of their success stories.


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Beth Jennings, PT is a freelance writer and physical therapist of over 20 years.