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FootMaxx Orthotics

Have you ever had sore feet? As we age, changes in the shape of our feet, the support of our ligaments in the feet, and previous injuries, can cause strain and pain. This pain can create further biomechanical problems moving up the kinetic chain. 

Footmaxx produces and globally markets high quality, state-of-the-art orthopaedic devices and products including top-of-the-line custom orthotics, non-prescription orthotics, custom orthotic footwear, plus therapeutic pillows and custom braces. Footmaxx's diagnostic Metascan systems and proprietary software provides detailed information, which enable clinicians to further evaluate patients for certain balance, knee, hip, lower back, and biomechanical problems. 

From custom milled orthotics to orthotic footwear to braces, Footmaxx products are handcrafted for people who require better foot function in everyday activites. We use Footmaxx's products to asses, diagnose and treat a variety of patient problems. Footmaxx's proprietary diagnostics can uncover, confirm and track the progresss or treatment regimes of many conditions. Footmaxx devices and products are typically recommended by clinicians to improve function and correct injuries. 

Footmaxx helps bring personalized care to patients of all lifestyles, by improving their function, easing pain, and helping correct biomechanics.