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Patient testimonials give you an insight of what physical therapy is like at FYZICAL. You get to see what real patients have to say about their real experiences with us.

May 2020

Faye H. & Harold H., MD

Faye has been utilizing Telehealth appointments so that she can continue to work on her balance and neuropathy issues from the safety of her home.

Here's what she has to say:

Faye's husband, Dr. Harold, wanted to add to her testimony:

"When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago I knew we were in for a tough time, but I had no idea how tough. Chemotherapy was devastating. The doctor said he had never seen such profound side effects. She was admitted to the hospital for dehydration, malnutrition, and a heart problem. She was left with severe nerve damage in her hands and feet, so she had very poor balance. After some scary falls she had to start using a walker or wheelchair to avoid falling. She was totally dependent on me, and I bravely tried to become a 24/7 nurse, housekeeper, and shopper. I’m 73, so it’s no surprise that I couldn’t keep up the grind indefinitely. After several months, my physical and emotional health were both failing and she still wasn’t getting any better. We were both dreading what would have to happen when I couldn’t keep going any longer. 

I was skeptical about physical therapy for balance, but we had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so we decided to give it a try. She does balance exercises on her own five days a week, and twice a week with [Bruce] her therapist. COVID-19 came along just as we started therapy, so all her sessions with her therapist have been tele-health appointments. They’re great, and we don’t have to travel!  The results have been amazing! After about six weeks of intensive therapy, the wheelchair and walker have been placed in storage. She can move around the house and do many things we both thought she’d never do again. She can even walk around outside with only a hiking staff to assist her! She’s not all the way back yet, but there’s no question that she is going to make it soon!" 

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