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Clinically Proven

Laser Therapy is clinically proven as an effective treatment for pain and inflammation. Able to penetrate to deep tissue structures, it has the ability to treat a wide variety of both acute and chronic conditions.

Alternative to Drugs and Surgery

The non-invasive nature of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy provides a solution for those who are looking for alternatives to prescription drugs and surgery.

What to Expect

Patients feel a soothing warmth as laser energy gently penetrates tissue and boosts your body’s own regeneration powers to relieve your pain. Treatments are painless and fast (5 to 10 min).

Results can be immediate but the most observed results are after 3 to 5 treatment sessions. The body continues to benefit from the effects of the therapy for 18-24 hours after treatment. During this time, modulated cellular activity leads to decreased pain and inflammation.

See if Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Is Right For You

Providing a solution that didn’t exist before, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has become a preferred by those who have long sought relief without success. Its ability to impact pain on a cellular level provides pain relief for complex and simple conditions alike.


About Laser Safety

FDA Cleared Devices

Laser therapy is a safe and effective alternative to drugs and surgery for pain relief. LightForce™ Deep Tissue Therapy Lasers are FDA cleared and manufactured in accordance with ISO-13485 Medical Device Quality Standards, providing the safest non-invasive treatment option on the market.


With up to 15W of therapeutic power, LightForce™ Therapy Lasers provide fast, effective relief with treatment times lasting only minutes.


The primary safety precaution when using therapy lasers is eye protection. Lasers can pose optical risks if the eye is exposed to the laser light. The therapeutic dose of laser light not in the visible light spectrum and therefore is not visible to your eye. Laser-safe eye protection is provided and must be worn by all individuals within the treatment area to ensure a safe environment.

Laser Therapy Scientific Advances

Science and Evidence-Based Therapy

The number of scientific studies and published papers on laser therapy continue to grow, with over 3,000 current published studies. LightForce, our laser therapy provider, is an industry leader with regards to clinical trials and scientific research.

Recent Technology Advances

"Cold Lasers" have been in use for over 20 years with only limited results. Laser therapy treatments with these lower power lasers (< 50 mW) have not provided the consistency practitioners desire.

Only recently have higher power therapy lasers become more common. With the introduction of these lasers, observable results are more readily achieved in a wide variety of patients. Advances in scientific understanding and technology have made Deep Tissue Laser Therapy an increasingly popular treatment option for pain and inflammation associated with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions.

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