Fitness and Group Training
» Fitness and Group Training :

Consider joining our group of clients who prefer to work out at home! We are now offering online classes, hosted by one of our experienced physical therapy staff.

Balance Classes:

We offer 2 different levels of balance classes. You can expect an initial 15 minute online interview to help determine your appropriate class level and functional goals. Minimal props such as a chair and mat may be required. Not all balance problems are the same. Expect to learn effective exercises that are specifically targeted to your type of balance issue, and to have fun!

Pelvic Health Classes:

Do you know that your pelvic floor is an important part of the muscular system that controls and stabilizes your spine? We know from research that in the presence of pain or after an injury, your core muscles not only become weaker, but tend to not function together as they normally would. Childbirth causes trauma to the pelvic floor that sometimes results in longer term problems unless addressed. Do you leak urine when you jump or exercise? Do you have to rush to get to the bathroom on time? These are just a few pelvic health related issues for which there is help. Learn about how your pelvic floor functions, and how this is connected to your diaphragm and breathing. You will learn multiple different stategies and exercises that help address these and other pelvic health issues. Clients who improve pelvic floor muscle strength and function usually also report improvements in overall core strength and balance. 

Interested in online classes but still have questions? Call us TODAY to find out more, or to schedule a class.