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Keeping your Athlete safe on and off the field

Sports camps, traveling teams, and other structured activities are a few ways the desire for year long athletics has evolved. More time on the field, brings a greater risk for a sports-related injury. There are several ways that parents can promote injury prevention to ensure that their athlete stays on the field, rather than on the sidelines.


1.Taking necessary time off, usually at least 1 day off per week. This will allow their body to recover from their training.




2.Wear appropriate gear. Helmets, mouthpieces, face guards, protective cups, eye wear, etc…. don’t send your player onto the field without them!




3.Get a preseason physical. This is a great way to determine if your child is fit to play, and catch any potential issues that could cause them harm in the long run.




4.Stress the importance of warming up. This is a time where your muscles can loosen up and get you ready for the big game.




5.Emphasize hydration. It’s important for athletes to have proper hydration during and after the game. It’s also important for others to watch out for signs of heat-related illnesses: fatigue, nausea, vomiting, confusion, etc.




Unfortunately, even when the most detailed precautions are taken, injuries can still occur. The next step is to seek out proper treatment for your athlete’s sports related injury. The therapists at Michigan FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, our team of specialists will work with you to overcome your pain and get you back into the game. Some sports injuries require surgery or other medical procedures as the first line of defense. In fact, postoperative physical therapy is key for transitioning back to normalcy. Our team will will work with you to rebound from diminished strength or range of motion.  The best way to avoid injury or a re-injury is build strength and flexibility. Our providers will work with you to create strategies that you can utilize when you are back on the field. Call (616) 209-9694 or visit to learn more.