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Do you or a loved one ever complain of headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, or just can’t sleep comfortably?  Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck or can't find the right position to sleep in?

Do you ever ask yourself: "Is my PILLOW causing my neck pain?" or ​"Do I need a new PILLOW to get rid of my neck pain"?

We Now Have a SOLUTION for You!

Pillowise is a custom made pillow that helps reduce neck pain, stiffness and headaches with sleep. Everyone’s body is different so why not get a pillow that is custom to you! To get the best possible rest and for your muscles to be at their most relaxed, it is important that you sleep on a pillow that is tailored to your dimensions.

  • Pillow size: 22in x 14in
  • Core material: 100% premium Dutch memory foam
  • Cover materials: Moisture regulating 100% Tencel
  • Cover removable and machine washable at 70°F
  • OEKO-TEX certificate for NON-TOXIC materials only

To Determine Your Perfect Pillow Match, It Only Takes 3 Steps:

  • We take a few measurements of your head, neck and shoulders.
  • We ask you about the firmness of your bed and preferred sleeping position.
  • We determine the right pillow for your needs!

If you are interested in finding out more or trying one out at our office.  call or text: (904) 223-2363   Email: jaxpt@fyzical.com

Never leave your home or order if you are not local. Click here to check out our facebook video for DIY and fill out this form at home and submit it to us. We will contact you and get your pillow ordered and sent directly to your home!