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Was this year the successful running campaign that you had planned on? Did you improve upon prior personal records, compete in your full calendar of events, and stay healthy doing so? If not, why? Was it that nasty injury that reared it's head three weeks before race day? Did a new malady make itself known? Or did you simply "Hit The Wall" and not know how to progress past it.

This program is for high level athletes and beginners alike. Individuals will be assessed and taken through corrective programs based on their distinct presentation. Whether you are hoping to introduce running into your fitness program for the first time, stay injury free as you train for your next marathon, or set a personal record in an upcoing 10K, this prgram is for you! Let us help you make this year one you have been hoping for, and experience the advantages that running-specific training offers.

Program Highlights:

  • Video analysis
  • Physical exam specifically geared for runners
  • Learn your running grade
  • Customized exercises
  • Focused training for performance enhancement
  • Injury prevention
  • Super Feet available for purchase

We have on staff not only Doctors of Physical Therapy, but also Certified Weight Trainers, Certified Strength Training Specialists, and Certified Personal Trainers.

Run Strong Training Program Pricing