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Sports Rehabilitation

Whether you're a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, it's frustrating when an injury keeps you from the activities you love. Physical therapists at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers understand how important it is to get back to your sport as quickly and safely as possible. We can help you get back in the game!

In the world of athletics today, the only way to beat your competition and prevent injury to yourself is by properly enhancing your performance. Our sports performance serviceshelp athletes of all ages and abilities gain an extra edge on their opponents while helping keep them in the game by avoiding injury!

Our sports rehabilitation & physical therapy services have worked with all kinds of athletes to design specific conditioning programs depending on the sport and specific goals. Many sports require a balance of superior body mechannics and flexibility. They also require a combination of speed and strength. Individualized care plans are the hallmark of Physical Therapy!


Our team of skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy have helped hundreds of clients recover from sports injuries and reclaim their lifestyles. Some of the most common injuries we see and treat include:

After a comprehensive evaluation, our therapists will develop a sports rehabilitation/training treatment plan including hands-on care and functional exercises designed to:

Physical Therapy is teaching more than telling an athlete how to recover. The PT's role as an educator is essential to achieving successful outcomes. And because "success" is defined for a PT through their patients own "success" and recovery. It's clear that patnership with a PT is a winning proposition, not only for athletes, but for anyone else who is trying to be their personal best.

Our therapists each have various  personal experiences with cycling, mountain biking, running, rock/ice climbing, mountaineernig, down hll and cross country skiing, soccer, lacrosse, football, volleyball, golf, and weight-lifting. Let us design a plan for you today!

Get the proper sports rehabilitation and training here at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center Johnson City!