» Testimonials :

"The whole team has had the chance to work with me. I have been doing physical therapy for over 12 years now. It was not until I came to Sovereign Rehabilitation (now FYZICAL) with continuous care that I was able to get past some of my previous restrictions. They have taught me about working my balance and core to help control my pain. One of my favorite moments was being able to put my earrings on. When I first started with Keith Travers I could barely move my neck on the right side. Patience is the word I think of when I describe this team of therapists. They take the time to get it right so you can have a better quality of life." ~Mary R

"I'm a runner with recurrent IT band pain. It's held me back from doing a marathon for a few years. Keith and team have finally gotten me past my big hurdles, and running longer distances than I ever had before. It's been a long road with a lot of hard work to get my scrawny legs strong enough to withstand that kind of endurance running. Keith was great with setting goals, so I knew what I was working toward - which really helped keep me motivated." ~Zach C

"I went to Sovereign (now FYZICAL) for some balance issues after having self diagnosed myself with BPPV. Lindsey had me back in service in about a week and I felt noticeably better even after my first visit. I would highly recommend visiting them for any PT needs. My wife also had a great experience there and had nothing but great things to say!" ~Evan S

"I started therapy because I was unable to raise/move my right arm past shoulder height and my shoulder was in pain. Keith's knowledge and exercises helped me regain full mobility and strength back into my shoulder. Pain subsided within a couple weeks of therapy and after 10 weeks, my shoulder now feels good as new." ~Luisa J