Deconditioning/Post-Hospitalization Care

» Deconditioning/Post-Hospitalization Care :

Deconditioning and/or Post-Hospitalization Care

Short of breath? 

Limited in your ability to perform daily tasks? 

Feel like you have lost your strength? 

Physical therapy may be right for you.

Prolonged hospitalization can lead to significant deconditioning limiting your ability to participate in household tasks, ability to be out in the community, social activities, or previous level of fitness. Respiratory complications from coronavirus can also significantly impact the diaphragm and accessory breathing muscles making it difficult to perform exercises without becoming short of breath. Due to the extreme nature of COVID-19 and its effect on multiple body systems, you may also experience changes in your walking ability or balance including foot drop and sensation changes.

What Can Physical Therapy Do?

Treatment may include breathing exercises, aerobic conditioning, strengthening exercises, a balance program, and/or education to maximize your independence and return you to your treatment goals.

Breathing exercises

Buteyko method

Diaphragmatic breathing and muscle strengthening

Rib cage excursion activities

Strengthening/Aerobic conditioning

Walking program monitored by your therapist

Upper/lower body strengthening

Balance training


Functional activities


Self-monitoring of symptoms

Activity modification

Energy conservation

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