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Six Weeks After Rotator Cuff Surgery

Frozen Shoulder

Chronic Low Back & Leg Pain


"When I came to start therapy 6 wks. ago, I was in a lot of pain in my neck - couldn't turn my head to the right to see the traffic to back out of a parking place. Now I can easily turn my head to see to be able to back out of parking places. Also, my lower back was very painful with any activity. Now I can do more activities without pain. The therapy has improved my body movements that that I can do my daily activities without pain. I am so ahppy with my improvements."

- Cynthia Fulcher

" When I first came, I could not turn over in the bed without my right knee killing me. It would wake me in the night when I turned over. I really slowed down in just regular walk - When I would get out of a chair... I would give my knee time to 'settle down' before stepping. All is going smoothly now. All employees were so helpful when I was going through the routine. NEVER made me feel uncomfortable if I did it wrong. I'm not going to put anybody's name on here because I don't remember/know them all, but so great to work with!!"

- Janice Chambliss

"Fyzical therapy have been a tremendous help in my recovery. When I first started I was unable to use my left side hardly at all. I could not reach above my head at all with my left arm. I also could not hardly make any steps using my left leg without extreme pain. During therapy my leg and left arm began to feel better. I now can use my left arm to reach objects above my head and I am able to walk with little to no pain at all."

- Rosa Geeter

"Before: Don't want to fall and not sure my exercise routine was what needed to prevent falls - After: Feel much more confident with some additions to my routine to prevent falls. I actually feel stronger with the increased confidence."

- Paul Simmons

" After knee surgery I was really concerned about swelling and knee pain. Post op after my therapy I noticed pain, swelling, and range of motion got better. After completing therapy I feel really close to being able to do what I couldn't post op. Great therapist and facility was great."

- Walter T. Carter

" Prior to physical therapy, I was living with chronic lower back pain. After completing my physical therapy sessions, I am now free of low back pain. I am able to walk faster, can stand up for longer periods of time, and sit more comfortably. Overall, I feel stronger and have more stamina to complete my daily chores. I truly had just accepted this pain as a part of my life. After a family member (son) had therapy following surgery on his knee and highly recommended FYZICAL, I decided to try out physical therapy. Truly a life changing decision to go to therapy at FYZICAL."

- Rosemary Robinson

"By the time I went to Dr. Ard with back and leg pain, I could not stand from a chair without severe pain. He suggested a shot but I asked to be sent to PT first. On several occasions I asked Wade if I would ever get any better. With his assurance that they would get me back to easy functioning, we pressed on. I can say that I did everything Wade and Sagar told me to do, and today I can say that I am back to being healthy - probably better than I was before I hurt my back. This is my 3rd or 4th time to be in Therapy with Wade for different issues. I can't thank his crew enough for all they do. I would recommend anyone with pain and stiffness to give them a try - They are the BEST!!!"

Jean Jones

“When I started therapy, I was having a lot of neck pain and back pain. The muscles in my neck were so tight that I was having weekly migraines. Now the migraines are gone. I can twist and turn my neck and upper body much easier. I don’t feel the extreme tightness in my upper back that I did before therapy. I feel so much better.”

- Brandye Glass

“My experience here has been a very pleasant one. The people that have worked with me have been kind and courteous. I feel stronger than before I came and appreciate all the help I’ve received.”

- Ann McGowin

“When I first started therapy here, I was having constant neck pain and had a headache 24/7 for the past 6 months or so. On top of that, I was having severe migraines at least once a week. I had tried chiropractic in the past which helped some but wasn’t long lasting. Now I am not in constant pain. The headaches have improved drastically. I hardly ever have neck pain anymore, and if I do have a migraine it is much less severe. Daily life is much better now. I was able to start back to school and live a much more active life again.”

- Courtney Baugher

“Had complete knee replacement on April 8th. Started PT on April 10th. All exercises were difficult – particularly the bicycle. I could not make a complete round. Exercises continued to be difficult through my second visit with the surgeon. At this time he gave a shot of cortizone in the repaired knee. Swelling started to go down and was able to make a complete rotation on the bicycle. This was about 6 weeks out from surgery. Continued to increase time and weights to all exercises. At week 10 I was released from PT to continue exercises at home. At week 14 I am scheduled for another visit w/ surgeon and another cortizone shot. Swelling continues to go down. This surgery was on a knee that had surgery 53 years ago. Scar tissue has been more issue than usual. Full recovery after about 6 months. Great job PT! :) “

- Tim W. Pepper

“Since 1983 after falling and fracturing my arm, I have had continuous pain in my neck, stiffness, and occasional severe headaches. I had difficulty using my arms, especially overhead, and great difficulty/pain trying to read. Had a constant heavy weight on my shoulder, pain off and on in upper arms, and numbness of hands.

Since therapy, I am 90% better, have less pain and stiffness and more use of my arms. Now only occasional numbness and less pain in upper arms. Am now comfortable sitting to read, which is my hobby. Thanks!”

- Elizabeth D. Coleman

“When I came into therapy, my right shoulder was hurting to my elbow. I assumed it was arthritis. After checking my symptoms, Wade Baskin determined it was a neck issue that had caused tendonitis in my shoulder and upper arm.

After treatments of traction on my neck, it isn’t hurting anymore and my shoulder is much better. I am scheduling a follow up screening in 6 weeks to be checked again.”

- Carolyn Cummins

“In the beginning, my neck was hurting so much that the pain would move into my shoulders and back. I had limited range of motion and had some headaches too. I couldn’t do a lot of my normal activities, including saddling my horse and lifting and moving things around at the barn. I also hurt to do simple household tasks.

Now I have improved range of motion and flexibility. Pain has improved from an 8 to L3 in my neck. Able to saddle my horse and do many of my ADL’s with little or no pain.”

- Pam Hindman

“ When I came here I could not stand straight, and pain was constant. I was taking meds just to move a little. Now, I am back to all my normal work and exercise activities. Without meds.”

- Janet James

“PT has helped with several areas of pain in my hip. I’m now able to sleep without pain. I’ve been able to resume my work since PT.

GTPT has been great to help me. They took my pain seriously and knew how to help.”

- Miriam Miller

“I came to therapy for a sprained ankle... also my knees back, and shoulders were hurting. Before, I could not do very much house work.

Now, I am more mobile than I have been in years. I can now stand to cook a full meal and also house cleaning. This therapy has been the best thing I could have done for my body.”

- Barbara Bean – Hitt

“Pain in lower back, unable to sleep, sitting for long periods and driving were almost impossible due to the pain. I have progressed with the PT and have very little to no pain during normal activities.”

- Justin Rodgers

“When I got here, confidence as my balance was concerned was very poor. After PT, confidence is great. I have no concerns with vertigo and no spells for over a few months. PT has really helped me.”

- Randy Hodges

“When I first started PT, I had a mild to moderate headache with shoulders and arm pain daily. Throughout therapy, I have seen a major change in how I feel overall. I rarely have headaches and rarely have neck, shoulder, and arm pain. I am able to do more … I wish I had done PT a long time ago. Wade and his staff are awesome! :) “

- Julie Hunter

“Encouraging that I can now do more in the kitchen, like stirring in a bowl or pot – and can was some dishes that require circular motion. Great time, good therapy and exercises to do at home. Highly recommend GTPT!”

- Judy Post

" When I came to PT I could hardly walk without assistance. The staff was very helpful in my exercise. They always take small steps to ensure I was not in any pain while exercising. They explain every procedure they performed after therapy. I am able to do all my activity without pain. I thank all of the staff for helping me to regain strength. Thanks!"

- Lester Garvin Whitten

"Before I started PT with Wade and Sagar, I had problems nightly with balance, weakness, stamina, and pain in my legs. Within 30 days, I felt better and became more confident in walking and taking the stairs. Within 60 days, my stamina was much better and the pain had gone from nightly to once a week. I also could feel my muscles starting to develop again. After 90 days, I was able to push myself and increase weight and repetitions in various exercises. I went from 2 days to recover from a workout to 12-24 hours [to recover]. Now that I am finishing, I feel more confident about continued recovery and working on my own to improve my physical abilities."         

-Albert D. Cates

" I woke up one morning and was unable to turn my neck to the left or right. I also have trouble with tension headaches and migraines. Since I have completed therapy, I have full range of motion in my neck and my tension headaches are much better. I could not ask for a better staff - very professional, and fun to work with!"

- Gina Duty

" Prior to coming to PT, I had limited mobility in my neck. I could hardly turn my head to the right. I had to physically turn my body to look to the right. Wade was able to loosen and re-train my muscles to relax and give me exercises to help prevent this from happening again. It has been a wonderful experience."

- Ann Hudson

" I have returned to GTPT to have my ankle taped with KT tape from time to time. I do not understand how this works, but the taping helps reduce the pain by providing support. Different types/styles of taping are used for different purposes. One example of the style was used for swelling - within 15 minutes after Sagar applied the tape I could actually feel the swelling going down. When I removed the tape a day later- within 24 hours I began to have more swelling. I highly recommend this procedure and come in for a taping anytime I know I will be on my feet for a long period of time."

- Louise White

" The muscle spasms in my back have gone! The tightness of the muscles in my lower right back is much improved. My stamina at work, standing, and lots of moving as a pharmacist, has improved by about 50%. I am very pleased with the PT treatment at GT Physical Therapy. I feel that it has been well-tailored to meet my specific needs. Thank you!"

- Charles (Charlie) McCool

"Came in with almost no function in right shoulder. Leaving with my shoulder stronger than it has been for years. GT [Physical] Therapy is a great 2nd family. I was treated extremely well."

-Jimmy Dean Dempsey 

I was surprised when my doctor in Jackson told me that the best results I would get for my back would be at GTPT in Louisville. I live in West Point, and although it was an hour drive, it was more than worth it! Having already been through physical therapy, and having missed a few months of work, I didn't really think much else could be done to help me, especially in Louisville, MS! In short, I was back at work in a few weeks with the ability to do what I want without much pain at all. Thank you, Wade, and all your fine staff!

West Point, MS

Although I was told not to expect 100% relief during the first session, that's exactly what I got! My neck pain is gone! I am amazed and thankful as this pain has been worsening over the last month, and medication wasn't working. Thank you, Wade and everybody for being so kind!

Louisville, MS

Having been to other physical therapy clinics, I didn't think that there would be much difference when I was sent here. I am truly impressed with everything from the front office treatment to the thorough exam. Treatment was great and not what I expected! It's definitely what I needed. Thank you!

Louisville, MS

I had already had eight weeks of therapy at another place in town, and my doctor sent me here. I was blown away by the different kind of therapy you do here and how much difference it made in my knee. More people need to know that all therapy is not the same, and they need to know about GTPT! Thank you so much!

Louisville, MS

I can do more than I expected I would be able to do. The staff is great. It is obvious that you all love what you do. Thank you and Bless you all!

Louisville, MS

You guys are the best! I've had trainers and other therapists work with me for a while, and because of you, I'm back in the game and confident that I will go pro! Thanks for all your hard work and attention to detail.

Starkville, MS