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Newton Unloading Treadmill

Newton Unloading Treadmill

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is committed to providing innovative products and services that help to improve our patients’ mobility and health. In our clinic we have the Newton Unloading System, which means functional exercise can be performed early in the rehabilitation process for many patients regardless of how sensitive connective tissue is to weight bearing.  Patients who need rehabilitation for foot, ankle, knee, hip or back injuries can benefit from the unloading system.

Here's how the equipment is used.  After a detailed assessment, therapists develop a differential of the possible causes of injury.  Therapists then apply their knowledge of biomechanics and tissue repair to develop appropriate interventions.  The Newton Unloading System allows therapists to select, almost to the pound, the optimal amount of resistance the connective tissue needs for rehabilitation, without pain.

Basically, unloading recognizes that all biological tissues adapt to a consistently applied stimulus.  Each tissue (i.e. muscle, tendon, cartilage) requires a slightly different stimulus for healing and recovery.  Unloading is a mechanism used to provide the appropriate stimulus to each tissue.

Once the therapist determines the Optimal Loading Zone for the patient, the Newton Unloading System can be used to unload up to 120 pounds so that patients can complete a high number of repetitions without pain.  In fact, it is possible for patients to not only rehabilitate the injured connective tissue but also end therapy in better overall conditioning than before the injury.  The exercises employed have direct application, are challenging and meaningful.

The Newton Unloading System is also a viable alternative for patients who are averse to pool therapy.

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