Parkinson's Treatment

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Parkinson's Treatment

Certified LSVT BIG® Treatment

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers offers one of the few locations in the Pittsburgh area with certified LSVT BIG® physical therapists.  LSVT BIG® exemplifies our motto of “Exercise as Medicine.” The program consists of 16 high-effort and high-energy sessions over 30 days, with (4) one hour-long sessions performed every week. It requires practice, repetition, and feedback of big movements that can be carried over into activities of daily life including dressing, getting out of bed, walking, preparing meals, and community outings.  The targeted, corrective exercises and whole-body movements will change how patients control and manage their functional movements. 

After the program is completed, patients will continue to exercise daily at home and return to FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers within nine months to ensure continued progress.  LSVT BIG® improves confidence with mobility and reduces fall risk when properly administered.

Contact FYZICAL McMurray today to learn more about our certified LSVT BIG® program for people who are managing Parkinson’s Disease.