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Aquatic Therapy - Too many benefits to ignore

As we mentioned in previous blog post, aquatic therapy is an excellent tool physical therapists can use to rehabilitate injuries. Here are some reasons why aquatic therapy can be the right choice to treat many conditions:

  • Water offers special qualities that makes rehab less  painful.
  • Accelerated surgical recovery and relief from extreme chronic pain and  disease
  • The ultimate in superior conditioning for your patients.
  • Eliminates body weight, allowing for decreased joint compression and  pain.
  • Immediate range of motion gains. They don’t have to wait until pain-free, land based training is   possible.
  • Hydrostatic pressure promotes healing and strengthening of injured tissue by reducing joint  stiffness.
  • The pool jets provide progressive resistance for assisted and resistive  exercises.
  • Add the benefits of cardio stamina, muscle toning and flexibility, and you have a fast healing, happy patient.
  • Sports injuries recovery and relief from chronic back, neck, muscle or joint pain –   Hydrotherapy:
    • Stimulates endorphins which helps control pain and alleviate  tension.
    • Jets and bubbles relax muscular tension and reduces swollen joints, which gives you increased mobility and lessens pain.
  • High blood pressure. Hydrotherapy:
    • Reduces stress which reduces blood pressure.
    • Five minutes in the pool typically decreases blood pressure and  pulse.
    • Reducing stress also helps with headaches, digestive complaints, insomnia, depression, anxiety attacks…the list is endless.
  • Weight management.
    • Exercise in water requires twice as much effort and thus burns a lot more  calories.
    • Shedding and maintaining weight helps in controlling hidden diseases that come with   obesity.

  • FYZICAL Mechanicsburg has two therapeutic pools that were designed and built specifically for aquatic rehabiliation to provide the best environment for patients to achieve their goals through this unique treatment approach. Both pool temperatures are set at the therapeutic level of 89-94 degrees.