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Benefits of Aquatic Therapy


Aquatic therapy is a tool that physical therapists (PTs) can use to help their patients during their rehabilitation.

General benefits

  • When you create an exercise environment that is pleasant to work in, PTs find that compliance is also improved when a properly executed pool therapy regime is used.
  • Gravitational forces acting in a land-based exercise program can make for considerable delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) usually attributed to the eccentric phase (negative portion) of exercise. The buoyant nature of the water environment, which counteracts gravity, allows the eccentric portion to be performance virtually gravity-free, resulting in very little muscle soreness.
  • More vigorous muscle contractions, minimal join stress, more comfortable workouts, and less after-workout soreness all culminate into a more enjoyable functional restoration process for these clients.
  • The relaxing nature of heated water in a warm water pool will soothe the exercising client even more. Cold water can make muscles tense and elicit ‘muscular guarding’ from a patient. The use of warm water (32.3c-34.4c) is recommended for therapeutic purposes in almost all cases (except MS or those having heat sensitivities).

History of Aqua Therapy

  • For many years, warm water pool therapy has been a staple of rehabilitation medicine because of its numerous health benefits compared with its few disadvantages.
  • The use of aqua therapy historically has been a popular treatment for many conditions and has been used in many cultures and civilizations.
  • Medicinal aqua therapy was used for both spiritual and physical healing purposes, with later use in sports events.
  • In Europe, medicinal hydrotherapy became popular for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, and today the modern forms of hydrotherapy include thalassotherapy (sea water treatment), spa treatments and aqua therapy for rehabilitative  purposes.
  • Aqua therapy gained momentum from its predecessor, hydro-gymnastics, which became important for treatment of post-polio patients.
  • Water is recognized as the lifeblood of mankind and is revered as a natural elements of the earth, with almost mystical properties being ascribed to it.
  • It should not be surprising then that water has become an integral part of the healing experience, and it is within this context that we describe the therapeutic properties of aqua therapy in the functional restoration process for clients.

FYZICAL Mechanicsburg has two therapeutic pools that were designed and built specifically for aquatic rehabiliation to provide the best environment for patients to achieve their goals through this unique treatment approach. Both pool temperatures are set at the therapeutic level of 89-94 degrees.