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Graston Technique- a secret weapon

What are those metal tools and can they really help me?

The Graston Technique utilizes stainless steel instruments to address fascial restrictions and soft tissue lesions, a.k.a. very stubborn injuries. It

gets a bad reputation for being painful and post-treatment bruising, but that’s not the goal. Sometimes this occurs, but treatment can be

adjusted to minimize this. Patients are encouraged to continue their normal activities or a modified regime while going through this treatment as

long as the activity is pain-free.

There has been a lot of research performed on this technique that shows positive outcomes in majority of

all conditions treated when performed correctly and with good compliance from the patient.

Some common conditions we treat are plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, shin splints,

runner’s knee, post-surgical scars and many others. Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers in Mechanicsburg

has a certified Graston clincian on staff.