Falls can be reduced with balance training, physical therapy and safer homes.

FYZICAL in the Wall Street Journal: "Falling is Dangerous-and Often Preventable"

Falls can be reduced with balance training, physical therapy and safer homes. One of the biggest health threats facing Americans age 65 and older is also one many of them don’t like to talk about: falling. At least half of senior Americans who fall don’t tell anyone, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Whether it’s a spouse declining to tell a partner, or an elderly parent hiding it from the children, many seniors keep quiet because they are embarrassed and fear losing their independence. 

By remaining silent, however, many of these patients become more afraid and more sedentary, medical experts say. This increases their risk for additional falls and injuries, which can lead to fatal complications such as intracranial bleeding, flail chest and respiratory failure. Indeed, falls are the leading cause of injuries and death from injuries in older Americans, according to the CDC. (Fyzical Canadaigua)

“With balance training and physical therapy, some muscles and nerves can regenerate at any age and compensate for the atrophy often seen in aging, thus reducing the risk of falling,” says Daniel Deems, an otolaryngologist and an owner of a FYZICAL® Therapy & Balance Center, a physical-therapy franchise in 39 states. Falls can be reduced, he says, by working with trained physical therapists to increase balance function in the brain and improve core muscle strength for stability. (By Barbara SadickNov. 12, 2017 fromanarticle in the Wall Street Journal)

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