Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

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Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

At FYZICAL, our physical therapists are experts in the art and science of the evaluation and treatment of human movement dysfunctions. We care for people of all ages and treat a variety of post-surgical conditions to include:

  • Total Hip & Knee Replacements
  • Total Shoulder Replacements
  • Rotator Cuff Repairs
  • Arthroscopic Surgical Repairs
  • Spinal Laminectomy/Fusion/Discectomy
  • Meniscus/Ligament Repairs
  • Many others...

Our therapists stay on top of advancements in post-surgical rehabilitative care and work closly with your surgeon for optimal therapeutic progression for the most successful functional outcome.

Surgery puts you on the road to recovery,

but FYZICAL Therapy will help TAKE you there.