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Thank you thank you thank you! For giving me my exercise life back!

"If it wasn't for your expert care, I don't know when or whether I'd be working out! All of the products I've received or purchased from you have been helpful-- the chair back support at work, the cervical roll for my neck that goes inside of my pillowcase to make a great pillow, and the Stasis Voxx Socks really work! Thank you so much Jeanne! Thanks also to Robert who did my therapy. Thanks to Cindy for the seminar advice on flat feet." A.S.

I have received only the finest treatment from everyone on the staff.

"Since starting treatment at FYZICAL in Niles, I have received only the finest treatment from everyone on the staff. Jeanne Cleary decided what care I would need, then Andy Man took over, with some input from Cindy. Marge, Marty and Shiana answer all my questions at the front desk. My doctors are thrilled with my progress!!! All the staff shows only kindness, encouragement and respect at all times. I LOVE THEM!!!" C.P.

Wonderful and the people are great!

"FYZICAL is wonderful and the people are great. I feel so much better. Thanks." L.P. 

I am pain free!

"Before I began physical therapy at FYZICAL, I was unable to sit down or stand up without back pain. I could not bend my left leg without pain. After therapy, I'm able to do all these things pain-free. Best of all, I can once again sleep in my favorite position!K.B.

I learned how to take care of my neck!  

"I will always be indebted to the therapists at FYZICAL. When I first struggled into the clinic, I didn't want anyone to touch me because I could barely stand the pain, even though I was on medication to reduce it. By the end of the first session, I was already feeling better. Within one month and 13 therapy sessions, I was off pain medication. In addition, my therapists helped me to regain strength in my arm. I am also grateful that they went a step further to teach me the importance of correct posture and strengthening exercises to help me prevent the pain from coming back." J.A. 

Complete movement!

"When I came to FYZICAL, my wife had to help me walk in because I was so dizzy and off balance. I was supposedly recovered from a severe inner ear infection but my balance did not come back on its own. After one week of doing the exercises, I could walk without assistance. After three weeks, I was almost ready to go back to work. My therapist kept challenging me and was so caring and knowledgeable. I went back to work after five weeks of therapy on a busy factory floor with no problems- I wish my doctor sent me sooner-- thanks so much for giving me my life back." C.S. 

My range of motion has improved!

"When I began therapy, I had a pronounced limp and walking seemed unnatural. My leg was swollen, my ankle was stiff, and my calf was weak. Part of my therapy involved a massage, stretching exercises, and strengthening exercises. My therapist watched me walk and showed me how to correct my limp. I found it reassuring to know to know that my leg would get better as I did the exercises. Some of the therapy was to encourage my ankle to move around in ways that I was hesistant to do, but it gave me confidence to have a professional guiding the movements. After several weeks of therapy, my walking was practically normal, my range of motion was good, and my swelling was decreased. My doctor was very pleased with the progress too!" T.Z. 

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