Back Pain
Back Pain

Everyone experiences low back pain at least once in their life. Common myths are that low back is normal pain that goes with age (arthritis, osteoarthritis). Typical symptoms include pain, stiffness and decreased ability to perform work and daily activities.

However, when you experience acute pain in the low back, there is an underlying cause that can persist and become chronic. With physical therapy, we can treat the underlying cause and prevent future pain and damage to the spine.  Repetitive motion of performing household chores, work activities, and recreational activities can lead to low back pain. Fortunately, most low back symptoms are mechanical in origin, which means it is not due to serious pathology like cancer or infection. These mechanical symptoms respond well when carefully evaluated by our skilled therapists.

A thorough history prior to starting treatment is key to successful treatment. Physical therapy can help people learn proper stretching and strengthening exercises to counteract these repetitive motions. 

We use the McKenzie Method® to evaluate and treat spinal patients. This method involves significant responsibility of the patient for posture and mobility exercises. A specific treatment plan will be designed for each patient, there is no “one fits all.” 

We will teach you how to manage your symptoms for life.

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