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Become a Physical Therapy Success Story at FYZICAL Northeast Portland! We help people recover from injury, regain balance and find relief from pain and dizziness. Our highly skilled, compassionate team is committed to helping you achieve your physical therapy goals, restore mobility, and return to the activities and lifestyle you love.

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We are on a mission to make healthcare better! Prompt access to holistic care, consistent follow up treatment session and one-on-one, individualized care are critical components to a rapid recovery and a successful physical therapy experience. Our providers specialize in vestibular (balance) and orthopedic physical therapy, including manual therapy. Ask about our specialty services designed to stimulate tissue healing and accelerate your recovery. Once you've met your physical therapy goals, take the next step towards living your best life when you transition into fitness training programs or take advantage of our wellness service offerings.

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We offer every new client the opportunity to complete a client needs survey that is shared with their physical therapist and reviewed at the initial visit. Work with your physical therapist to set goals and establish a treatment plan that meets your individual needs. Once you've met your goals, we offer you the opportunity to continue working towards your health and wellness goals through our Fyzical Fitness Training Services.


FYZICAL's Balance & Vestibular Therapy Programs are both industry leading and only available at FYZICAL Centers. Our clinicians specialize in vestibular physical therapy, orthopedic physical therapy and manual therapy, making us a great option to help you recover from an injury, improve balance and/or relieve pain or dizziness. Let us help!

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